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                                            Art Intent

At Cranbrook Primary, we intend to engage our children in exploring different forms of art, craft and design in order to enable them to develop knowledge and skills to experiment, express, and create their own works. By offering them a wide variety of culturally diverse material, we want to enhance their critical thinking skills, develop their cultural capital and a deeper understanding of the subject, as well as art forms that have shaped our history and diverse culture. Through an enriched, memorable curriculum of self-discovery and expression, we want our pupils to develop a love and appreciation of art and use it as a form of communication and self- help skill for reflection.


In our school, Art and Design centres around the school curriculum drivers of Widening Horizons, Global Identity and Responsibility and Confident Communicators. Lessons also develop our 4 school values of Respect, Resilience, Equality and Kindness. We aim to provide a personalised curriculum, that incorporates the National Curriculum (2014) and Chris Quigley’s Essentials skills curriculum and incorporates three Big Ideas,

Develop ideas 

Master techniques 

Take inspiration from the greats 

Teachers plan exciting, enjoyable, and memorable learning experiences for pupils to develop and master skills of drawing, painting, collage making, sculpture, textiles and digital media within in each Milestone. Teachers plan art and design lessons that will ensure pupils,

  • Communicate confidently when expressing about their own work and use ambitious vocabulary to analyse modern and classic art and artists fluently.

  • Experiment, explore and invent marks, develop, and deconstruct ideas and communicate using different mediums, refining and mastering skills.

  • Use the elements of art skilfully, for example, line, shape, space, pattern, colour, texture, and form to express emotions and interpret observations.

  • Draw confidently in 2D and 3D from observation, memory, and using their imagination.

  • Develop an impressive knowledge and understanding of other artists, craft makers, architects and designers from history.

  • Produce work and think creatively in response to art from different periods, styles, both modern and classic artists and artisans, including those from diverse backgrounds and those that reflect their cultural heritage.

  • Remember previously learnt skills, have the knowledge to select and use materials, processes and techniques skilfully applying them to their work, making connections to prior learning.

  • Be reflective learners who analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others using annotations and assessment tools, peer and self-assessment.

  • Display and have a passion for the art and design curriculum and participate in challenges, competitions, and opportunities to participate in galleries or exhibitions presented by the school

Pupil Voice

What can you tell me about art in one minute? 

" I like using my imagination to create art, it’s challenging but fun, relaxing, drawing, sketching, beautiful, painting, printing and sculpture, water colours.”

“It’s my favourite subject. I like working like an artist or designer and finding out about craftsman around the world.”

“I like it when we take part in competitions and art galleries."


What do you enjoy about art?

"I like learning about different artists in history.”

”I like finding out about artists and artisans that that reflect my culture and background, like Shemza.”

“I have lots of favourite art techniques and skills like collage, mosaic, colour mixing and mixed media.”

Celebrating Art and Design at Cranbrook Primary

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